Banking services

- Warehousing - i.e. safe storage of Bitcoins

-Normally you PAY for this service, but banking is de facto turned upside down in this respect so the Bank has to pay interest on deposits due to Govmt. deposit guarantees and fractional lending.

- Lending (see lending.)

Pyramid account typeEdit

See Pyramid accounts for more technical details. When you put money into the account, it's used to pay other pyramid accounts (up to X% of their deposits minus fee). When more people put money into pyramid accounts, you get your money back + extra. Example:


Pyramid rate is 1.5, fee is 1%

UserA creates pyramid account (BTC) and puts B100 into it. Money is moved to "PyramidPoolBTC" (B99) and fee of B1 is paid to "PyramidFee". Queue contains "UserA.BTC 150". There are no other users, so he pays himself B99 and is owed 150-99=51. Queue contains "UserA.BTC 51"

UserB creates pyramid account (BTC) and puts B50 into it. B0.5 moved to fee, B50-B0.5=B49.5 moved to PyramidPoolBTC. Queue contains "UserA.BTC 51, UserB.BTC 75". Process queue. Pool pays B49.5 to UserA. Queue contains "UserA.BTC 1.5, UserB 75"

...and so on.


Pyramid accounts can optionally be "recursive", meaning that you choose a percentage of money paid back that goes into the pyramid again. For example if it's 70% and pyramid rate is 1.5, you put in 100 and get paid 1.5*100=150. Of that, 70% goes into the pyramid again (70%*150=105) and 150-105=45 goes to your current account.

Exchange servicesEdit

Insurance services

- Get money every month, but when you die - we get all you own.


- Using the trust of the brand/warehouse we may facilitate lending between individuals and ideas - this is the original job of the bank (pooling savings and allocating savings to entrepreneurs while performing prudent risk management)

Secure Warehouse

- This is the original "bank" service and the basis for building trust.

- Should probably charge a small fee (like storing gold).

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