Coming upEdit

  • Currency exchange
  • Fee structure with referrals
  • Fee structure where bank pays back to money holders
  • See Github issues for more.

AB, 2011-07-23Edit

  • Still working on currency exchange, might complete it today.

    Updated database diagram.

AB, 2011-07-22Edit

  • Fixed some unit tests that weren't running. Incident in Oslo disrupted work.

AB, 2011-07-21Edit

  • You can now withdraw money using EXU on the beta server. It doesn't charge you for the transaction fee, because it's not implemented yet.

AB, 2011-07-20Edit

  • Role system created, which means that a user can belong to various roles. Examples of roles are "Admin" and "BitcoinSync". Admin can view/edit/transfer between any accounts. BitcoinSync has access to special functions of the API, such as crediting accounts.
  • The BitcoinSync logs in using a specific account which is a member of the "BitcoinSync" role.
  • Fixed some tests that were not passing.
  • BitcoinSync now generates receive addresses which can be seen on the web page if you click "Details" on an account. You can send money to this account and it will be credited correctly.
  • Implemented transfers between accounts (click Transfer from on one of your accounts). Yep, it's very basic.

AB, 2011-07-19Edit


Database diagram


BitcoinSync console program

AB, 2011-07-12Edit

  • Talked to the data centre in England to add more RAM to my server. Will have about 50 GB RAM free now for creating (development, )test and production environments for the project. Expecting installations to take many, many hours.

AB, 2011-07-12Edit

  • Started work on the BitcoinSync, which is the component that knows when people send money in and credits the bank. Also processes withdraw requests.
  • Implemented the idea of a "hold" on an account, where an amount is reserved, for example when exposed in the exchange, when a withraw is under processing, when a deposit is not yet fully cleared (could be reversed)

AB, 2011-07-11Edit

  • Make all tests succeed (10% not working now)
  • Implement transfer between current accounts

AB, 2011-07-11Edit

  • Planned localization of the website (support to display website in different languages)
  • Still writing test code for the website (integration tests, mostly)
  • Some code for error handling (showing users error messages when bad stuff happens)

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