Normal Bitcoin has two networks; main and testnet. On testnet, it's supposed to be easy to create money, for developing and testing software. The problem is that the difficulty of creating coins on testnet has gone up too fast and as a result, transactions are taking hours.


As a solution, we have our own Bitcoin test network. It's very easy to make money on it and to get your transactions verified. Olivenet money is referred to as "EXU"


  1. Install Bitcoin use an existing installation. Olivenet, Bitcoin main, and Bitcoin test can be on the same computer without conflict.
  2. Click Run (or enter into search field for Windows 7) and type %AppData%\Bitcoin<ENTER>
  3. A folder opens in explorer with several files in it, including your "wallet.dat" (this is your main net wallet).
  4. Create a new folder called olivenet. Inside the olivenet folder, put the configuration file . (To generate coins, edit this file and replace "gen=0" with "gen=1")
  5. Create a folder inside olivenet called testnet. Inside the testnet folder, put the genesis block and the block index files.
  6. To start Bitcoin on Olivenet, make a shortcut like this:
  7. Right click your desktop, choose "New..." and "Shortcut"
  8. Browse to and choose:
  9. ...for Windows 32bit: c:\program files\Bitcoin\bitcoin.exe
  10. ...for Windows 64bit: c:\program files (x86)\Bitcoin\bitcoin.exe
  11. Name the shortcut "Bitcoin Olivenet"
  12. Right click the shortcut and choose Properties
  13. Edit the shortcut to make it look like this:


Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\bitcoin.exe" -datadir=olivenet -testnet

Start in: %AppData%\Bitcoin

And that's it! When you start it, you should quite quickly see 1 connection in the status bar, which is the connection to the Beta server (

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